Top 10 Types of Jackets for Men to look Stylish in 2024

Top 10 Types of Jackets for Men to look Stylish in 2024

January 12, 2024

Adding a jacket is a quick and easy way to update your outfit; all you have to do is throw on another layer. Here, it's crucial to purchase the right layering accessories. Denim and leather bombers jacket are great options to start.

Once you gain self-assurance and try on other styles, you may go to trench coats, leather, and parkas. That's the secret to becoming a master layerer. So, here are the top 10 patterns or jackets for men to try out in 2024 to look stylish and attractive. Keep scrolling!

1. Evergreen Denims 

Denim jackets are always in vogue and are often believed to be one of the most adaptable outerwear options. This jacket is a wardrobe staple for guys; it goes well with chinos and a simple white or black t-shirt. Denim on denim, or double denim, is a great choice for when you want to make a bold fashion statement. 

In this case, success depends on your ability to choose denim colors that harmonize with one another. If you want a rich stylish look, buy a denim jackets for men from Our printed jackets for men are quite comfortable and affordable to your pocket giving you an amazing style. 

2. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have been increasingly common for guys to wear in recent years. In case you've never seen one before, a bomber jacket is typically waist-length and has a zipped front, ribbed sleeves, and a belt. Bomber jackets are typically lined with fur or fleece for extra warmth and are usually constructed from leather or nylon. 

A leather bombers jacket has evolved from a practical outerwear component into a trendy fashion staple. These jackets have several pockets, and are worn for their functionality and effortless style. You can get these coats in a wide range of colors and patterns; they go well with denim, chinos, and other laid-back attire.

3. Different Parkas

Parkas, often crafted from durable fabrics such as waterproof cotton and nylon, are ideal for colder climates as they offer both warmth and protection. Typically featuring an attached hood, fur, or synthetic lining, these coats prioritize functionality over style. 

Despite this, they are currently all the rage, and you can see a lot of famous people wearing them. They include many pockets for stowing away belongings, just like bomber jackets. Outdoor pursuits like skiing, snowboarding, and trekking also make frequent wearers of parkas.

4. Leather Jackets 

Every man needs a traditional leather jacket. When it comes to casual wear, leather jackets are just as versatile as denim jackets. For example, a leather jacket, white t-shirt, trousers, and sneakers make for an enduringly chic outfit. Combining it with a graphic tee, black skinny jeans, and rockstar boots can make you seem daring.

Finding a happy medium between practicality and flair is the holy grail of leather jacket layering. Avoid over-the-top styles that make you feel uneasy; your discomfort will radiate from your demeanor. To get the most out of a leather jacket, try on a variety of accessories until you discover what works best with your style.

5. Varsity Jackets

The word "varsity jacket" conjures up images of the baggy letterman coats worn by high school basketball and quarterbacks. Indeed, the Y2K style has brought the American-origin jacket back into the mainstream. The varsity jacket first appeared on the streets, then the catwalks, and finally the realm of high fashion. 

Wearing one of these coats is a breeze; they go with everything from casual to sporty to preppy outfits. We suggest layering a varsity jacket over a sweatshirt or sweater for an easygoing yet stylish look.

6. Windbreaker Jackets

For temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, windbreakers are an excellent investment. Unfortunately, they aren't designed for cold weather, so you shouldn't wear them when it's chilly. On sunny, dry days with a cooling trend, windbreaker jackets are most effective.

To achieve a business casual vibe, pair your windbreaker with pants. Wearing a windbreaker over a button-down shirt is a great way to stay comfy on the way to the office. Wear your windbreaker jackets with dark-wash jeans and professional shoes for a look that's perfect for the office.

7. Trench Coat

The long, double-breasted trench coat was first created for the soldiers to use as an asymmetrical outer layer during World War 1. Coats like these can be found in cotton, leather, or synthetic leather, and they have big buttons that fasten with a belt for a fashionable touch. For a casual look, try them with your favorite denim jeans and a basic t-shirt.

Traditional trench coat colors include neutrals like beige, white, camel, brown, and black, but more daring hues like neons and vivid colors are making an appearance. The addition of prints and geometric designs to trench coats in recent years is enough to make a maximalist statement. 

8. Pea Coat 

Are you in the market for thick outerwear? Fortunately, pea coats are here to save the day. Dark colors, including maroon, green, and black, are available for these jackets. If you want to seem like a preppy millionaire, a pea coat is a must-have. Pea coats are not only fashionable but also practical, thanks to their double-breasted design, inner lining, and strong fabric.

9. Puffer Jackets

The puffer jacket, another winter essential, is an excellent option for those exceptionally cold days because it is both warm and cozy. Known as quilted jackets, these multipurpose pieces serve to both protect you from the elements and amp up your fashion game. 

A puffer jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of athletic apparel since it pairs well with tracksuits, running shoes, and other athletic footwear, making it ideal for both game day and everyday errands. 

Getting a jacket that fits you well should be your top priority. If it's too big, it will look baggy, but if it's too small, you won't have enough room to move. You should choose a puffer coat according to your height and shape.

10. Suede Jacket 

Add a touch of supple shine to any ensemble with a suede jacket. It is worn over a sweater and pants for an evening out and has an air of velvetines with its plush texture and fuzzy appearance. Remember that suede is a delicate fabric that easily becomes stained; so, you should exercise caution when wearing it to avoid making numerous excursions to the dry cleaning.

Get ready and buy these amazing jackets for men. Whether you choose denim, windbreaker jackets, leather bomber jackets, or whatever you like, just make sure it goes with your body type.